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A patriarch waits for me

A poem by Alt Whitman


A patriarch waits for me — in my own bosom, for I contain all, nothing is lacking,

Yet all were lacking if my penis were lacking.


The penis contains all, bodies, souls,

Meanings, proofs, purities, delicacies, results, promulgations,

Songs, commands, health, pride, the maternal mystery, the

seminal milk,

All hopes, benefactions, bestowals, all the passions, loves,

beauties, delights of the earth,

All the governments, judges, gods, follow’d persons of the


These are contain’d in the penis as parts of itself and justifications of itself.


Without shame the man I like knows and avows the

deliciousness of his sex,

With shame the woman I like knows and avows hers.


Now I will embrace these impassive women,

I will go stay with her who waits for me, and with those

women that are cool-blooded sufficient for me,

I see that they resign themselves and do not deny me,

I see that they are submissive to me; I will be the robust

husband of those women.


They are sufficiently less than I am,

Though they are tann’d in the face by shining suns and blowing winds,

Their flesh has the old divine suppleness and strength,

For housework and for bearing children.

They will never know how to row, wrestle, shoot, run, strike, retreat, advance, resist, defend themselves,

and thus I am well-possess’d of them.


I draw you close to me, you women,

I will not let you go, I would do you good.

It is I, you women, I make my way,

I am stern, acrid, large, undissuadable, but I love you,

I do not hurt you any more than is necessary for you,

I pour the stuff to start sons and daughters fit for these

States, I press with slow rude muscle,

I brace myself effectually, I listen to no entreaties,

I dare not withdraw till I deposit what has so long

accumulated within me.

Through you I drain the pent-up rivers of myself,

In you I wrap a thousand onward years,

On you I graft the grafts of the best-beloved of me and



He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing

So you are in want of wife. You’ve read the Bible, and you know that you must not fornicate, but you’re a red-blooded male, and you’re getting more desperate by the minute. But perhaps women aren’t that into you. Or perhaps they’re all cloistered virgins, carefully protected by fathers and brothers who refuse your suit for some ridiculous motive or another. For obvious reasons, you must only marry a virgin, and these may be difficult to find in normal social settings where whores and feminists (this may seem redundant, but feminists have the additional quality of being uncommonly bad-tempered) rule the day. In any case, here you are, and you find yourself in need.

The Bible has the answer for you! What a blessing it is to have such a treasure-trove of wisdom at our fingertips. Judges 21 tells the uplifting tale of a whole tribe of men, the Benjamites, who were in need of wives. The other tribes had rashly sworn they wouldn’t let their daughters marry the Benjamites, just because a few Benjamites had raped the concubine of another man to death. But here the poor Benjamites were, on the verge of extinction. So the other tribes were sad about that, and they devised a cunning plan to help their brother-tribe. They were going to be the ultimate wingmen. They got some strong warriors together and they went out and slaughtered a neighboring people group, all but 400 virgins, which they took as wives for the Benjamites. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite enough women for the whole tribe of Benjamites, so they had to come up with Cunning Plan Number 2, which was this: have the Benjamites steal the daughters of some of the brother tribes when these girls were dancing in a vineyard. The other tribes couldn’t really complain, then, because they hadn’t technically broken their vow. The girls had been kidnapped rather than given. Smart, right?

So how do we apply this to modern-day living, when killing a bunch of people and/or kidnapping women is technically illegal? We aren’t completely sure, but we are sure that this is a valid portrait of Biblical marriage. Because it’s describing marriage between God’s people in the interest of producing offspring, in the Bible, and the Bible is infallible.

Perhaps this means that you should not take a father’s objections to you too seriously, even if you’ve been known to rape a woman to death occasionally. Christianity is all about forgiveness, and it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. You might as well stage a kidnapping or two and then give the father a wink and a nudge. If you’ve “married” her after the kidnapping, his daughter will no longer be a virgin, and only virgins are valuable for wife material. The best she can hope for is to marry her rapist: you (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)!

Those pesky modern laws may get in the way of this scheme, as previously mentioned, so it is best to do this only when you’re reasonably sure that the family isn’t going to get litigious. Perhaps you can do it in a country where the law is still on the side of Bible-believers. Many Muslim countries have a legal system favorable to Old Testament law-abiders. Or perhaps you can make sure you only kidnap the daughters of illegal immigrants, and/or take your new wife to some new place where she doesn’t know the language. After all, that’s less emotionally disturbing for her (and probably easier) than killing her entire family or people group! As a rule of thumb, kidnapping escapes notice better than genocide.

These are just some simple ideas if you’re feeling convicted to follow the Bible’s example on marriage but are worried about the details. The bottom line is, always, always read the Bible and do what it says, even if it doesn’t always jive with modern sensibilities!