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New Christian Erotica

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Arches novel by Ameli OreiArches
is a new book from Bibliotek Press by Ameli Orei that has just hit Amazon, and we are thrilled about it. This book glorifies waiting until the wedding night for the delights of godly procreation. Finally, a work of erotica good Christians can enjoy! Here, Biblical Manhood, Womanhood and Marriage interviews author Ameli Orei, who by all appearances is a nice Catholic girl just like her protagonist Marie.

BMWAM: Tell us about how your book promotes saving sex for marriage.

AO: Well, the protagonist is a virgin for the first few chapters, and she does, in fact, save herself for marriage. But that doesn’t turn out so well for her.

BMWAM: Of course it does! Sex is designed for marriage, so it will always be good in marriage.

AO: Did you actually read the book?

BMWAM: I got to where she gets married, and then I stopped, because I don’t go snooping on the marriage bed of other people.

AO: Well, she gets divorced, partly because the sex is bad. Not just bad, but non-existent. Her husband doesn’t want sex with her.

BMWAM: That’s impossible. Men want sex way more than women.

AO: Not if the men are gay, and they’re married to women.

BMWAM: I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that, because I don’t believe gay people exist.

AO: Do you actually want to talk about my book, or do you want to argue about sexuality?

BMWAM: Well, since you mentioned it, what are your thoughts on sexuality?

AO: My work is greatly influenced by my own sexuality. I don’t just mean sex, either. I mean that as an evolved adult, I have something deep and expansive within me, something I can share with the right people — even if we don’t actually have sex. I’ve said this before, but I think spending awhile not having sex can be a very powerful experience. That comes into my novel, and so does the sex itself. Sex can be amazing, or, if you’re not connected physically, spiritually or emotionally, it can be really terrible. I wanted to write something that took all of that into consideration. The full reality of sex, especially sex in the modern world.

BMWAM: Exactly! You have to wait until marriage. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

AO: Well, that’s not the conclusion I reached, but if it worked for you, I applaud you.

BMWAM: My husband is great in bed. He washes me daily with his blessed tongue.

AO: Glad to hear it. People need good sex in their lives.

BMWAM: Now, for the real artistic test. Is this book chiastic, like poetry in the Bible?

AO: Of course.

BMWAM: I’m just a little concerned about this book cover, though. Is it really necessary to show a naked person?

AO: I wanted something that matched the feeling of the book itself. Something artistic and symbolic. I love the curves of that photo. I love what it represents to me.

BMWAM: Does it represent Christ on the Cross?

AO: No, it’s me. I posed for the cover shot. Like I said, my sexuality informs my art, and my art isn’t just textual — it’s also visual.

BMWAM: You posed naked for the world to see. That wasn’t very smart. You’re not having sex out of wedlock, now, are you? If you are, we will have to delete this interview.

AO: I’m single right now, so no.

BMWAM: Wonderful! Just one more question: is your name really Ameli Orei, or is that a pseudonym?

AO: It’s not my real name. But these answers are real.

BMWAM: So why aren’t you using your real name?

AO: Why aren’t you?

BMWAM: I don’t think it’s modest to seek fame.

AO: Neither do I. At least not for writing erotica.


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