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Dispute resolution with the weaker vessel

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If you are having a problem with petty arguments in the marriage, then you probably aren’t dwelling together as God intended. Remember, men are told to honor their wives as the “weaker vessels.” 1 Peter 3:7 says, “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel.” Yet wives are supposed to be useful as well, according to Proverbs 31. They are not to sit around collecting dust like decorative vases. What is the defining characteristic of a useful fragile vessel? Being gently filled with something. 1 Peter 3:7 makes it very clear that husbands are to dwell with their wives according to knowledge, the same word that is used for sex in the Bible. But this is no call to roughly bed your wife. Remember, “gently” is key. Use your most gentle tool, your tongue, to minister to the weaker vessel. Fill her as full of this gentle tool as she desires. She can become most useful only when she is thus filled and ministered to, because The Lord designed her that way! You will need to wash her daily if she is to be used daily as a weaker vessel.

You will soon discover that if you fill and wash her properly, truly honoring her body as the vase-shaped vessel it is, she will respond positively and begin to respect your male prowess — assuming you have it, of course. If you are an inadequate lover, we suggest you remedy this immediately. To put it quite bluntly, you are sinning if you are not giving your wife regular orgasms by your washings with the word.

Over time, your wife may become so exhausted and thankful from these orgasmic experiences that she will have no need to take up petty quarrels with you. In our experience, women spend time nit-picking when they are feeling ignored and unloved. A happy woman never nit-picks, and women who are properly cared for by their husbands are happy.



  1. jeff says:

    That’s almost comical! Women are rebellious by nature. The happiest women alive will eventually find something wrong to complain about. A man can give until he is at death’s door and the woman he gave to and for will simply brush him aside. You are forgetting the fact that men can help in the kitchen, earn the money, and look after the kids and be humble and nice and she will reject him sexually.

    It is a fact:
    Men comply, women complain. Why do you think women want to join every male only club, while men could care less about joining female only clubs.

    You make the assumption that “if, then”. In Christianity the husband will provide, protect and honor and love, wives are to submit, respect. If these are done correctly and the wife cultivates feelings of sexual arousal for her mundane husband great sex will follow. When she complains in her mind about her situation she will despise and reject him, and here in lies the sin of a wife, of which a husband can do nothing about regardless if he is gentle and washes her with the word.

    Women rationalize why something they do/think/say is not sin, men will rationalize why they do/think/say. Example:

    My husband doesn’t make me happy anymore, he must not be the “one” so divorce is ok, because god wouldn’t want me to be unhappy, so it’s not sinning.

    My wife rejects me sexually, so I am going to hire a prostitute or sleep with my secretary.

  2. Punk Rock says:

    Not sure where you’re getting your data, but women do like men who do housework, and respond by getting sexy. See this study:

    Although what this has to do with the blog post, I don’t know. You’re reading a lot into it. Either way, my wife of five years is hot to trot most of the time. If I’m an ass, she’s understandably more distant. But she is a happy person with a full and exciting life, and the women you seem to have come into contact with clearly have less going on for them. How happy and fulfilled they are, how safe and secure they feel to express their opinions and be heard, this will make a big difference in women’s sexual appetites. Women need time to take care of themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and so on. They need time away from household chores to improve their bodies and relax.

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